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McMahon Services is able to produce certifiable concrete to remote projects around Australia. The Fiori DB 460 CBV eliminates the need for batching plants and concrete trucks on site, and its 4-wheel drive and cab steer capability is ideal for remote footpath and kerbing work.

Methods of recycling of concrete

Concrete Batching Plant Suppliers for Output 35 cubic meters per hour Features of HZS35 Batching PlantHZS35 concrete batching plant is one of the small-sized plant series of Haomei company. It is semi-automatic concrete mixing block composed by feeding

How to Dispose of Leftover Concrete

Jul 17, 2017 · Step 2. Check your phone book under 'Concrete Recycling.' These companies make money breaking up hardened concrete and selling it to be reused elsewhere. Allow the small amount of concrete you have left over to harden on grass or cardboard.

Asphalt Pavement Recycling

While recycled asphalt pavement was not reported separately in these data, generation of "inert solid waste," which consists of concrete, asphalt, dirt, brick and other rubble, was conservatively estimated at 8.2 million tons. The estimated recycling rate

Wood waste strengthens recycled concrete, new study finds

Recycled Concrete 1 of 2. Research from the University of Tokyo’s Institute of Industrial Science has revealed that discarded concrete can be strengthened with the addition of wood waste.

Concrete Demolition Method- Pressure Bursting

Hydraulic and chemical pressure bursting break up concrete structures with a minimum of noise and flying debris. Both methods work by applying lateral forces against the inside of holes drilled into the concrete, and can do virtually any job other demolition methods are capable of.

Recycling Composite Materials

Research has lead to methods such as grinding, incineration, and pyrolysis being used for recycling fiberglass. The recycled fiberglass finds its way in various industries and can be used in various end products. For instance, recycled fibers have been effective in reducing shrinkage in concrete thereby increasing its durability.

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The Importance of Concrete Recycling

Dec 29, 2017 · The largest part of C&D material is concrete, which encompasses around 70 percent of C&D generated material before recycling, according to the U.S. EPA. Construction (21.7 million tons) and demolition (353.6 million tons) activities accounted for over 375 million tons of material in total. Road and bridge demolition generated 157.4 million tons of this amount.

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Simple Sustainable Construction Methods to Save Money and CO2

Lime mortars are preferable to Portland cement mortars in terms of recycling. Bricks bonded with lime mortar can be reused if the building is demolished in later years, which will help reduce waste in the future. Ash or brick dust can be added to lime mortar to enhance durability and shorten required setting times.

Services – Concrete Pavement Recycling

We break concrete pavement down to a size that meets your removal, hauling and crushing needs saving you time and money. This is typically a faster, more efficient means of breaking concrete than traditional methods.

Waste Reduction – CONSTRUCTION

specifications and methods, the way products are packaged and delivered to site and the instructions on product use and installation contribute to the waste on construction and demolition sites. 10 top tips for waste reduction 1. Plan to reduce waste at the start of a project – set goals, identify waste recycling opportunities and target specific

Concrete Recycling Plants | Construction & Demolition

Mobile Recycling Plants. This type of recycling plant can be moved to various locations economically. Track-mounted plants allow superior on-site mobility. Portable Recycling Plants. Choosing the right crusher for a particular concrete recycling project depends on several factors to be successful/profitable.

What Is the Proper Method for Concrete Slurry Disposal?

Apr 23, 2014 · Disposing concrete slurry can be as simple as using a slurry solidifier to handle the mess. Slurry solidifiers are super absorbent powders that turn wastewater into a disposable solid. Merely...

Stormwater Best Management Practices: Concrete Washout

concrete. Concrete washout. After concrete is poured at a construction site, the chutes of ready mixed concrete trucks and hoppers of concrete pump . trucks must be washed out to remove the remaining concrete before it hardens. Equipment such as wheelbarrows and hand tools also need to be washed down. At the end of each work

Methods of Concrete Removal/Demolition

Methods of Concrete Removal/Demolition 1. Pneumatic and Hydraulic Breakers. 2. Pressure Bursting. 3. Dismantling. 4. Ball and Crane Method. 5. Explosives.

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Recycling Methods Sacramento - Crete Crush Concrete Recyclers

Jun 07, 2016 · Recycling Methods Sacramento. The process of recycling waste materials, such as concrete and brick involve established and proven technical procedures. A general example applicable to a project site would be a demolition crew clearing waste debris, for example, windrow, stockpile concrete building, footing components, asphalt, and slab.

(PDF) Management and recycling of waste glass in concrete

Disposal of more than 300 tonnes waste glass daily derived from post-consumer beverage bottles is one of the major environmental challenges for Hong Kong, and this challenge continues to escalate as limited recycling channels can be identified and

Portland, OR Asphalt and Concrete Recycling For You

We do many services, including asphalt and concrete recycling. We are Portland Sand & Gravel in Portland, OR.


A.J. TRUNZO, INC., your reliable concrete contracting service in Bath, Pennsylvania, proudly recycles concrete and installs the highest quality structures, helping to keep America growing. Our expertly trained staff is the best around when it comes to working with clients and finding the right look for their projects.

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Why not recycled concrete?

"While concrete is the most commonly used construction material on earth, it is also the biggest in terms of environmental impact," said Yahya "Gino" Kurama, a professor of civil and environmental ...

Strength and Durability Evaluation of Recycled Aggregate Concrete

This paper discusses the suitability of producing concrete with 100 % recycled aggregate to meet durability and strength requirements for different applications. Aggregate strength, gradation, absorption, specific gravity, shape and texture are some of the physical ...

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Recycled Concrete: The Advantages It Offers Your Project

Recycled Concrete Aggregate Safety. These days, most of us are passionate about reducing, reusing and recycling. Even so, the sound of “recycled concrete” can be a little bit disconcerting. We tend to think of concrete as being extremely sturdy and reliable, but does recycled concrete produce the same results? The answer is yes.

Services | RedStone Construction Group, Inc

We take concrete from building demolition and pavement, crush and remove any steel, send it to our recycle facility and reuse the material. This year, RedStone will eliminate over 3,000 dump truck loads of waste in Central Arkansas landfills. RedStone has the ability to introduce any of the following recycling methods into your next project:

Sustainable Concrete Through Recycling

Attendees heard how to evaluate concrete mixtures with various waste by-product and recycled materials, as well as the various methods to design and validate the concrete produced by new recycled materials. Different types of testing and emerging technologies in the concrete produced by recycled materials were also discussed.


  • Name: Mobile Concrete Batching Plant
  • Type: Concrete Batching Plant
  • Manufacturer: Fiori
  • Model: DB 460
  • Capacity / Size: 4.0m3 / Output - 12-16m3 p.h
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